A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Boundless Shooter: The open world space shooting game.

The game is rather simple, and just like the title, you are not confined to a small chunk of which an invisible wall blocks you from going through. The lore is also simple to catch; Earth's orbit was threatened by unknown people  using historic era spacecraft.

With 11 different enemies and 7 different player variants, the game gives you an difference each level in the 18 different levels to play.

Two of the enemies are based on real spaceships such as Soyuz and Space Shuttle, depicted in the game by being stolen by the evil organization  trying to rule earth for themselves.

Also with 9 weapons shooting 8 different projectiles you will find your favorite way to blast the enemies, either by using laser machine guns, kinetic cannons, high explosive missiles or even deep space nuclear bombs, you will find much fun in this game.

Have Fun Blasting!

I had so much fun on making this game and I am sure you will be satisfied playing it as well, with so much updates to come in the future, who knows how this game will become.


(for mobile) Level description shows when you select it.(instead of when you hover on it)

Levels have a new background in the selector showing the place where the battle takes place.

While playing you can now see the planet/star where the battle takes place in.

Install instructions

Windows:  Extract the zip file, there should be Boundless Shooter.exe inside the extracted folder. Make a shortcut if you prefer, or else you can open the file to play the game.

Mac:  Extract the zip file, there should be an app to play right away, put it somewhere you can access easily.

Linux:  Extract the zip file and there  should be playable app inside the extracted folder, contact me if you managed to install linux version correctly so I can update the instructions.

Android:  Install the apk file and play right away, if you downloaded the app via a computer place the apk file inside the phone's storage or sd-card and access it on your phone via a file explorer.


boundless-shooter-win-1.0.1.zip 20 MB
boundless-shooter-mac-1.0.1.zip 20 MB
boundless-shooter-linux-1.0.1.zip 21 MB
boundless-shooter-1.0.1.apk 16 MB

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